All I Can Give

by Angry Jesse



Looking for light in her eyes


I've been thinking of the perfect one, to steal her heart away, heart away. Thinking of her makes me the happiest, to know I will find her someday. Until then, I'll watch them all.

Looking for light in her eyes, listening for truth in her sigh's, and I'll know her when I see her, and I'll love her when I know that she's for me, and me for she I'll give her, All I Can Give.

Somewhere out there she lives her life, and I'm living mine doing fine. If we ever meet I'll be happiest, at least that's what they say, what they say, until then I'll watch them all.

I think I know what they would say, one must meet one halfway, I have not seen her yet, but I'll know you can bet, yes I'll know, from her glow, me for she, she for me.


released December 10, 2010



all rights reserved


Angry Jesse Lake Forest, California

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